Iceland's First Food Hall

What’s not to love about a food hall? A variety of food and drinks from multiple food vendors giving you plenty options to eat no matter what mood you’re in! Iceland’s first food hall in Reykjavik is not to be missed if you are visiting. Hlemmur Food Hall (Hlemmurmatholl) has Mexican tacos, Vietnamese street food, Scandinavian cuisine, ice cream, and more - seriously, so many options!

food hall5.jpg

Here is a quick breakdown of what each vendor offers:

  • SKÁL! - an experimental bar & restaurant with a focus on foraged Icelandic ingredients and local traditions

  • Braud & Co - an artisan bakery known for it’s amazing pastries. You can read more about them in my post about the best bakeries in Iceland!

  • Jómfrúin - serving smørrebrød (danish open faced sandwiches) in a stall, this location is the little sister to Jómfrúin Scandavian Kitchen

  • Taqueria la Poblana - authentic Mexican tacos & cuisine, they also have micheladas!

  • Micro Roast Te & Kaffi - coffee bar focusing on fresh-roasted coffee and seasonal specialties

  • Kröst - specialized in grilled delicacies, cured meats and french wine

  • Rabbar Barrin - fresh soups, salads and sandwiches using locally grown produce

  • Báhn Mí - Vietnamese coffee and báhn mí sandwiches (yum!)

  • Isleifur Heppni - liquid nitrogen ice cream made to order (this was closed when we visited in November, I think it may be seasonal)

After much consideration we decided to dine at SKÁL! - check out what we had below!


with birch syrup, raisins and brown butter

food hall4.jpg

Crushed Potatoes

with arctic thyme salt and herb mayo

food hall2.jpg

Spicy Cauliflower

with goat cheese, pickled celery and coriander

food hall3.jpg

Local Beer

I don’t remember exactly what beer this was but it was an IPA from a local brewery. Iceland has a great craft beer scene!

food hall1.jpg