Apotek Kitchen & Bar

When looking at tasting menus in Reykjavik, Apotek Kitchen & Bar was pretty highly recommend. We eventually decided on Fish MRKT for a tasting menu but knew we wanted to do a dinner at Apotek as well, so we made reservations for our last night!


Apotek is also a hotel so if you are looking for somewhere to stay, it might be a good option - I didn’t stay here but the food at the restaurant was delicious and it is centrally located.

I would definitely recommend the restaurant for a nice dinner in Reykjavik - see below for what we ate!

Warm Bread

with Cranberries and White Chocolate

The bread changes seasonally but this was AMAZING. I seriously considered sneaking a few pieces in my bag to save for later.


Sea Trout

slow cooked on a Himalayan salt block with yuzu mayo, truffle mayo, crunchy quinoa, and apple


Minke Whale

with shallot vinaigrette, crispy Jerusalem artichokes, and artichoke foam



with charcoal grilled salmon, beech mushrooms, and smoked light broth



with samphire, green asparagus, and citrus beurre blanc

Kiera Andrewsapotek