Tasting Menu at FISH MRKT

When I first starting looking at tasting menus in Reykjavik I was surprised at the number of restaurants that offer them. I think a tasting menu is a great way to get to know the food in a new city and the one at FISH MRKT caught my eye as it was heavily seafood based (my fav!)

We did this on our first night in Reykjavik and it was great because we were able to identify some local foods that we enjoyed so we could order again at other restaurants!

Sourdough Rye Bread

with apricots & raisins served with smoked Icelandic butter

I fell in love with the breads and baked goods in Iceland - they were sooo good and the smoked Icelandic butter I could have eaten with a spoon. It was similar to a whipped butter but very rich and creamy, I wanted to bring some home but knew it wouldn’t be the same after traveling.

sourdough bread


Rubbabara Runa with mezcal and rhubarb & Donald Duck with duck fat infused bourbon, sweet vermouth & bitters

Their cocktail menu is super fun and creative! Even if you don’t have time for dinner I would recommend going for a drink.


Bitter Lemon Glazed Arctic Char

with edamame puree, pickled onion, cauliflower and crispy Icelandic rye bread

This was my first time having arctic char and I really enjoyed it. It is in the same family as salmon and has a very similar taste.

arctic char

Lumpfish Roe

with chervil, pickled onion, sea truffle and fermented potatoes

So this dish was basically mashed potatoes on top of roe and it was delicious. Weird combo I had never seen or thought of before but I would definitely have it again!


Robata Grilled Minke Whale

lightly grilled and served with Icelandic wasabi root, citrus miso and soy-ginger vinaigrette

I was a bit nervous when I saw this on the menu, thinking that whale was going to be super fatty and “blubbery” but it was actually the opposite! The meat was thinly sliced, very lean, and almost melted in my mouth.


Rock Shrimp Tempura

with sweet melon, jalapeño dressing and onion sprouts

I’ve had my fair share of tempura shrimp and I approve of this one. The batter was light and crispy and had great flavor.


Volcano Maki & Scallop Nigiri

maki with salmon, cucumber and langoustine tartare & yuzu scallop nigiri

Watching servers bring sushi out to multiple tables around us I was very excited for the sushi course of the tasting menu. I LOVE SUSHI. All caps necessary because that is how much I love it. The volcano roll was awesome but I really loved the scallop with yuzu sauce!


Rack of Plaice

grilled whole and served with parsnip puree, marinated fennel and beurre monte

Plaice was another type of fish I hadn’t had before but it is very similar to a flounder!



beer steamed, served with langoustine broth and mascarpone

To be honest, mussels are probably my least favorite seafood, I’m not really sure why but I would never order them a la carte at a restaurant. The mussels were very good though and the presentation with dry ice was top notch!


Robata Grilled Salmon

with creamy barley, apple salad, radish and crispy fried salsify

I always love a good salmon and this did not disappoint! This is an entree option on their menu so if you go to FISH MRKT but don’t want to do the tasting menu, I would highly recommend getting this dish!


Dessert Platter

assortment of desserts

I don’t remember what exactly these desserts were (they change them up) but my favorite was this little lemon pie with a gelato on top!

They also gave us these super cool chocolates that looked like marbles on our way out :)


If you’re planning a trip to Reykjavik I definitely recommend FISH MRKT for a nice meal, they also own Grillmarket which is a more meat based restaurant if that is more your style! Food in Iceland is very expensive wherever you go but our tasting menu was definitely worth the cost and for the amount of food we received it was a great value - we had more expensive meals with much less food throughout the trip.