Bakeries in Reykjavik

Before my trip to Iceland I had heard rumors of amazing bakeries with freshly baked goods and sweet smells drifting for blocks. I was not disappointed. One of the bakeries we stopped into had been recommended to me by a few of my followers, while another I happily stumbled upon on our way to the Iceland Maritime Museum, and the last one we went to for an after-dinner treat one night.

Braud & Co

This bakery was the one that had been recommended to me prior to arriving in Reykjavik! Our first morning there we headed out (in the dark because the sun doesn’t rise until 10:30a in November) to grab breakfast there. Our noses told us we were close before we saw the building - the smell seriously carries for about 2 blocks. If you are going to get one thing here - get the cinnamon roll. It isn’t a traditional cinnamon roll, more of a cross between a cinnamon roll and croissant. GENIUS.

This original location is in a really cool building covered in bright graffiti - we stopped by again in the daylight so I could take pictures of the outside! They also have a second location in Iceland’s first food hall :)


Our second morning in Reykjavik we were walking to the Maritime Museum and my nose caught sent of another bakery, this time it was DEIG. I saw donuts, bagels, and some pastries I had never seen before so I had no choice but to go in. What really caught my eye was the Piparkökur Snúpur, which the woman at the counter explained to me was a seasonal pastry that is basically a cinnamon twist with cream cheese and gingerbread crumbles. It was sooooo good! I desperately wanted to make it back to get a bagel or one of their donuts but didn’t have time this trip. When I return to Reykjavik I will definitely be making a stop back at Deig.

Sandholt Bakery

This bakery is highly recommended online and is in the heart of downtown Reykjavik. Instead of stopping here for breakfast, we stopped by for dessert after dinner one night! In addition to breads, croissants, and cinnamon rolls they also have an impressive selections of cakes and chocolates. We went for the carrot cake and the chocolate mousse which were both served with handmade whipped cream. This was exactly what needed before heading off on our Northern Lights Hunt.