Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

I obviously couldn’t go to San Francisco without getting baked at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. An Instagram staple with locations in both San Fran and Los Angeles, it isn’t just about the Instagrammable sign here. The actual baked goods are AMAZING - unique flavors and as gorgeous as croissants, cruffins, and donuts can get.

mr. holmes1.jpeg

I wanted to get something savory & something sweet so I went with the Miso Mushroom Pastry (it was kind of a croissant, but not really) and the Raspberry Rose Croissant. My travel buddy got a chocolate chip cookie the size of her face but we proceeded to drop it on the floor while trying to take a picture soooo…no pictures of that unfortunately. The one bite we had of the chocolate chip cookie was delicious but I still prefer Bake’n Babes :)

Miso Mushroom Pastry

Y’all. This had me SHOOK. There was SEAWEED SALAD in it. I was speechless from all of the flavors and the creativity of it. If this is available when you go, get it.

mr. holmes3.jpg

Raspberry Rose Croissant

Thanks to my time spent studying abroad and living in France…I became veryyyy familiar with croissants. This was a really great classic croissant dipped in a raspberry rose shell. I honestly would have eaten 10 of these croissants, plain or dipped in whatever Mr. Holmes wanted to dip them in.

mr. holmes2.jpg
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