Bake'n Babes

I actually can’t believe it has taken me THIS long to write a post about Bake’n Babes. However, I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a few pictures of the crazy milkshakes or drool worthy baked goods. Julie, the Bake’n Babe herself, is an absolute visionary when it comes to sweets and treats! I’m constantly impressed with the new menu items that are rolled out at her Hall on Franklin location.

When I hosted my first food tour, I knew I wanted Bake’n Babes to be featured and Julie went ALL OUT on the set-up, making it the most memorable stop for most of the attendees.

My favorite thing on her menu is actually one of my top desserts in Tampa that I have mentioned multiple times on my Instagram. The Freak Shake. A crazy, over the top, photogenic, DELICIOUS milk shake that she changes up monthly.

January Freak Shake

Churro Freak Shake & Vegan Freak Shake

Not up for a full Freak Shake? No worries, she still has you covered. I highly recommend the Sleazy Brownie.

Sleazy Brownie

Not only are her treats beautiful and tasty but she also has multiple VEGAN treats. Yes…her Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie & Sleazy Brownie are VEGAN. And no, you can not tell. She even has a Vegan Freak Shake now.

And the best (and most dangerous) part of it all…you can order on UberEats or Amazon Restaurants. You read that right, you can get her amazing cookies delivered TO YOUR DOOR. So whether you want stop in to the Hall on Franklin for date night, or enjoy a box of sweets on you couch alone, Bake’n Babes has you covered.

If you have the pleasure of meeting Julie herself (you’ll often see her working the counter at The Hall on Franklin) tell her This Babe Eats says hey!

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