Parkway Poorboys

I’ve eaten a good amount of po’boys in my 26 years, but on my most recent trip to New Orleans I discovered the BEST. Whenever I am traveling I always look up the Instagram foodie hashtags for each city and plan my meals out that way. So when I saw a legendary looking po’boy from Parkway Bakery & Tavern I immediately added it to the list.

Parkway Poboy24.jpg

My family is originally from Louisiana and we typically make our yearly pilgrimage for Jazz Fest and the Crawfish Fest in April and May. However, lucky for me, my dad just moved to New Orleans full time so I have an excuse to go even more often! I was there for about a week over Christmas which is when we ventured to Parkway.

Parkway Poboy17.jpg

Parkway is the real deal when it comes to po’boys (also known as poor boys) and even though there was a pretty long line it was 100% worth the wait. Grab a beer and make some friends while you wait! They’ve been serving the goods since 1911 so with over 100 years experience, they’ve pretty much perfected it.

If you want the Golden Fried Oyster Po’Boy (and trust me, you do) then you’ll need to go on a Monday or Wednesday. I am really picky when it comes to fried oysters because they can very easily be chewy if not cooked properly, but these were crispy and the batter was not too heavy at all. I have actually dreamt about this sandwich, it was that good.

Golden Fried Oyster Po’Boy

Parkway Poboy48.jpg

Parkway won the “Best of Fest” at the 2018 Po’Boy Festival with their James Brown creation. Fair warning - it is messy, but so so worth it. Fried shrimp, hot BBQ beef, pepperjack cheese, and spicy Crystal hot sauce mayo all sandwiched between french bread - YUM.

The James Brown Po’Boy

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