Luca Eats

When my dad recently relocated to New Orleans I was soooo excited because NOLA is probably my favorite foodie city. As he was looking for a place to live he called me one day and said he found the perfect place and I was going to love it because there was a great sandwich shop right down the road (he knows I like to eat). Located in Uptown New Orleans, near Tulane and Loyola, is Luca Eats - a pressed sandwich and coffee shop that also has a few specialties like gumbo and shrimp & grits.

One thing I LOVE about the Luca Eats menu is that you can get any item at any time, so even if you want a breakfast sandwich at 1pm (which I often do because breakfast is my favorite) you can have it! If I was in school at Tulane or Loyola, this would definitely be one of my study spots. The owner, Darryl, is extremely friendly and you can tell he loves what he does, talking with each customer and personally bringing out orders. Needless to say, I ate here quite a few times when I was visiting! The pressed sandwiches are made to order and while they have some classic New Orleans items (like Mufuletta) they also have some unique combos like the Pepper, Pepper, Pepper Grilled Cheese that was right up my alley.

Pepper, Pepper, Pepper Grilled Cheese

Pepper jack cheese, pepper jelly, & fried bell pepper ring on multi-grain bread

Luca Eats5.jpg

Turkey Pesto

House roasted turkey breast, pesto mayo, avocado, applewood bacon, & smoked Gouda on sourdough bread

Luca Eats2.jpg

Apples & Brie

Granny Smith apple wedges, butter, brown sugar, & brie on a butter croissant

Luca Eats8.jpg

Steak & Egg

House grilled Top Sirloin, grill-shirred egg, & sharp white cheddar on ciabatta bread

Luca Eats9.jpg
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