La Barbecue

With my mom visiting me in Austin I had quite the list of things to do. Knowing she loves barbecue, I put La Barbecue on the list and we checked it off on her last day!

La Barbecue33.jpg

La Barbecue started as a trailer that moved around from South Austin to East Austin and now calls Quickie Pickie on Cesar Chavez home. I actually love this set up because there is a good amount of seating and Quickie Pickie offers a variety of drinks including beer, wine, and coffee. Knowing the lines can get pretttyyy long (read: wrap around the building) I planned for us to stop by on a Wednesday to not have to deal with the weekend rush.

We ordered 1/2 lb pulled pork, 1/2 lb pork ribs, chipotle slaw, potato salad, baked beans and shells + cheese. The meat on the ribs seriously fell off the bone and everything was seasoned perfectly. They also have great sauces on the table that you can add to any of the dishes on your own (I always like to add it to my mac ‘n cheese). I’ll let the pictures show you how drool worthy this meal was.

After this visit I understand why La Barbecue has been named some of the best barbecue in Texas - well deserved!

La Barbecue5.jpg
La Barbecue26.jpg
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