Austin Rotisserie at Infinite Monkey Theorem

Something most of you probably don’t know about me is that I studied abroad in France, not once, but twice. I spent a summer in Paris and then a full spring semester in Cannes (south of France). It was a magical time and to say I ate well would be an understatement. So when Austin Rotisserie, a French-Mexican food concept, reached out to me to try their food I immediately said yes.They currently have a pop-up at Infinite Monkey Theorem, an urban winery in Austin that I love.

austin rotisserie

The couple that runs Austin Rotisserie, Eric & Sophie, came up with the concept one night when they were having a rotisserie chicken and one went to pick up tortillas and the other went for a baguette - and history was made! The pop-up serves “Les Poulets” a few ways - whole/half/quarter birds, meals with salad & potatoes, tacos, & baguette sandwiches.They also have a vegetarian taco & baguette sandwich that should NOT be overlooked because they are both delicious.

But back to the birds...they are brined for 24 hours and the marinated with olive oil, parsley, salt, & pepper for an additional 6 hours. AND the baby roasted potatoes are cooked parisian style under the chicken drippings (insert drooling emoji).

No matter how you choose to enjoy your bird (or veggies!) I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Their sauces aren’t to be overlooked either - my favorite was the guacamousse! You can check out their full menu here.

So next time you want to drink some wine & eat good food, I definitely recommend you swing by and check out what is going at Austin Rotisserie & Infinite Monkey Theorem.

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This Babe Eats was invited to dine in exchange for an honest opinion.