Jester King Brewery

If you’re into beer, Jester King Brewery is a must do while you are in Austin. Located about 30 minutes south of Austin they brew farmhouse ales and also have awesome food. On my most recent visit I paired it with a visit to Desert Door Sotol Distillery to make it a full day of good local drinks and food :)

Your first trip to Jester King can be a bitttt overwhelming. They have 4 bars, that all serve different beers (although some are served at multiple bars). Also, if you aren’t into beer (or have someone with you that isn’t) they have some interesting wines on the menu as well.

jester king2.jpg

I didn’t photograph and write down every single beer we tried, because we did about 10 half-pours, and that would have been a lot of photos of beer in a glass. A few notable ones that we really enjoyed were:

  • Biere de Blanc du Bois, a barrel-aged beer refermented with blanc du bois grapes

  • Figlet, ale refermented with TX figs smoked at Franklin Barbecue

  • Snorkel, ale brewed with smoked sea salt and oyster mushrooms

  • Spon Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon, spontaneously fermented beer refermented with shiraz and cabernet sauvignon grapes

With all this beer drinking we obviously became hungry and I was superrrrr excited about the pizza - and if you’ve ever had it, you know why. It is SO GOOD. However, the line was really long and we knew the pizza would take a bit so we decided to start with an appetizer to take off the edge of our hunger.


with local carrot, green cardamom, coffee, & mead vin

Turino Pizza

with comte, fontina, leek, oyster mushrooms, & pancetta (we had it without pancetta)

A trip out to Jester King should definitely be high on your list if you haven’t been yet and you enjoy beer. The beers they have are very unique and there are SO many options, you can check out all of their menus here. I also recommend making a day trip out of it for lunch or dinner because the food is delicious and I wish it was closer so I could enjoy more often!

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