The Dessert Spot at Toffee to Go

If you’re craving sweets and want to eat desserts instead of dinner, I highly suggest you head over to The Dessert Spot in South Tampa. Their bakery is filled with unique sweets, pies, cakes, ice cream and toffee! They’re known for their famous toffee (Toffee to Go) which they integrate into almost every dessert on the menu and it is AMAZING.  

I took a trip over to The Dessert Spot and had the luxury of trying some of their most popular desserts. While there, I learned that all of the toffee is homemade in small batches and the desserts themselves are made from scratch in the back.

I started off with their Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie, topped with vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce drizzled on top. Make sure you order this when you have a big appetite because the cookie is HUGE, soft and gooey - you’ll want to eat every bite. And then maybe lick the plate...

toffee cookie dessert spot

Next, I tried their Dutch Apple Pie which was also topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce. The streusel topping was crumbly and moist and I could not get enough of the toffee sauce - like I said before, wants to make you lick the plate :)

apple pie dessert spot

The Dessert Bomb recipe changes every week so the “Bomb” can sometimes be chocolate cake, toffee or even Nutella! When I stopped in it was chocolate cake, filled with homemade made marshmallow fluff, covered in buttercream and rolled in Oreo crumbs. This chocolate sphere was not only fun to eat, but also insanely delicious.  

Last up on my dessert “dinner” was the chocolate mousse cake; which is two layers of cake and a layer of mousse in between - if you love chocolate as much as me, this is a must order item!

chocolate mousse dessert spot

I get asked all the time for good dessert recommendations in Tampa and The Dessert Spot will definitely be at the top of my list now on! Tag me in your photos when you go and experience this sweet spot for yourselves :)

This Babe Eats was invited to dine at this restaurant in exchange for an honest review and opinion. 

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