Tampa's Personal Chef - On the Go Gourmet

When I would hear the words “personal chef” I used to think that just meant a chef that would come to your house and cook for you on special occasions, or if you were famous & rich, for every meal. After sitting down with Chef Vivian of On the Go Gourmet, I learned that there is so much more a personal chef can offer. Vivian was kind enough to cook lunch for me (and it was soooo good!) as we discussed how she got involved in the food industry and what she offers to her clients in the Tampa area.

personal chef tampa

Growing up the child of two parents who worked in the food industry, Vivian was surrounded by home-cooked meals her whole life and grew up with an appreciation for the industry. She graduated from The Art Institute and went on to work with both the Buccaneers & the Yankees. Today, instead of working in a restaurant, Vivian brings the restaurant to you. Working with clients on a more personal level allows her to cater to their every need and dietary restrictions.

In addition to cooking meals in your home, she also offers meal plans completely customized to you - she’s done paleo, keto, vegan, & vegetarian meal plans. She’s also created meal plans for those counting macros & women eating for fertility - any diet request she gets that she may not be educated on, she spends time researching to fully understand the nutritional needs.


For holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas she will prep and cook the whole meal for you and drop it off the night before or day of with instructions on how to finish everything off - she’ll even set up the table for you! For events like girls night in, football watch parties, themed nights (tiki night?!) she can cook pretty much any type of cuisine you could imagine - although Italian is one of her favorite foods to cook :)

When she treated me to lunch she made Southwest Salmon with chowder & quinoa + chocolate chia seed pudding for dessert! It was seriously soooo good. For the chowder she used coconut cream as a substitute for roux and I will 100% be doing that for now on when I cook, it made it so creamy and delicious. Another perk to a personal chef is learning their tricks for your favorite dishes :)

If you have any sort of event (seriously, anything...she’s roasted a whole pig before!) coming up or just want a nice dinner in with family & friends without the hassle of cooking, I highly recommend reaching out to Chef Vivian.

Kiera Andrews