Creative Loafing Margarita Wars

Creative Loafing hosted their annual Margarita Wars to find the best margarita in Tampa Bay, and as a lover of a good margarita, this event was like heaven on earth. Attending was no easy task though - I had to sample over 15 of the best margaritas in town. It was held at TPepin’s Hospitality Centre and the place was bustling with the sound of margaritas being shaken and tipsy conversation and laughter. Tres Agaves Blanco was the star tequila of the night - each entrant was required to use it in their concoctions and we got to vote on who we thought had the best creation at the end of the night. I gave every single one a taste and gathered a list of my favorites that I’m sharing below!



“Yuz Gotta Be Peachin’ Me”  Tres Agaves Blanco, yuzu and fresh citrus juices, hint of habanero, & elderflower with a housemade peach puree

I’ll be honest when I say that the ingredient list for this margarita made me a little hesitant. Yuzu? Habanero? Elderflower? Peach? Turns out, it’s an incredible quartet of flavors. This margarita had the ultimate sweet start with the tiniest hint of a spicy kick at the end. It’s definitely my kind of margarita.

margarita creative loafing


“The Sunshine-Rita” Tres Agaves Blanco, Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato, rhubarb bitters, fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice, & passion fruit purée

The Sunshine-Rita was one of the first I got to sample and to me it perfectly married the traditional zing of a margarita with a smooth sweet edge. The passion fruit puree was delicious, and paired with Rosato it created a memorable fruity flavor I really enjoyed. At the end of the night, I placed my token to vote for this one. Despite the wacky flavor combinations and flashy presentations I saw from others in the room, it was the classic margarita flavors that drove this one home for me. It was the perfect margarita and one I could see myself enjoying again and again. (Update: This is the margarita that won it all!)

margarita 2 creative loafing


“Key Lime Pie Creme Brulee Margarita”  Tres Agaves Blanco, dulce de leche, and toasted graham crumb

This margarita also qualifies for one of the most unique, but I put it here because it was SO GOOD. I am not a fan of salted rims (I know, a sin to many), so I was excited to see not only a sweet rim, but one crusted with graham crackers. I love me some key lime pie (especially from Kermit’s in Key West!) and this was spot on. Imagine a drunken key lime pie - that’s what you get with this drink!

margarita 3 creative loafing

Post written by TBE contributor, Becca.

Kiera Andrews