Best Eggs Benedict in Tampa

I recently shared on Instagram that my favorite brunch dish is eggs benedict and since then I’ve had a ton of questions on where you can get good eggs benedict in Tampa. So here we are…I’m sharing a list of my favorite spots!


The dish: Pork Belly Benedict with fried pork belly, egg, sweet tea gastrique, and pimento cheese hollandaise on a cathead biscuit.

There’s a few reasons I’m into this benedict. #1 being that it is on a biscuit and I f*cking love biscuits. I wish all benedicts were served on biscuits. I’ve had this dish a few times now, with and without the pork belly (when with a vegetarian), and it’s consistently delicious.

steelbach benedict.jpeg

Poke Rose

The dish: Citrus Cured Salmon Rice Cake Benedict with eggs, papaya, tomoto, baby kale, lemon-chili vinaigrette, and cream cheese hollandaise over rice.

This is definitely the most unique eggs benedict I’ve had in Tampa and the flavors work SO well together. It was actually the first meal I ever ate at The Hall on Franklin and I am so happy that Poke Rose continues to keep it on their menu. Every time I go to The Hall for brunch I know I have to get this!

poke rose benedict.jpg

Boca Tampa

The dish: BBQ Pork Benedict with sweet and sticky smoked pork, poached eggs, pretzel toast, cilantro béarnaise, & potato hash.

Another favorite of mine for quite some time! I’ve always loved brunch at Boca - the bottomless mimosas brought me in, but the food makes me keep coming back. This is another benedict that I’ve had a vegetarian version of before, they will make it with mushrooms instead of the pork!


Ava Tampa

The dish: Smoked Salmon Benedict with dill, caper, goat cheese, tomato, egg, and hollandaise.

I love smoked salmon - on a bagel, with crackers, on pizza (yes, this is a real thing) - pretty much any way you can eat it. So when I first saw this dish on the menu at Ava a few years ago, it was a no brainer and still one of my favorites!

ava benedict.JPG
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