The Peached Tortilla


Brunch is a very special time for me and I take it pretty seriously. Every week, I look for what special events are going on and start sending mouth watering pictures to my friends to see who wants to go. Well…the other week I came across the Milkshakes, Burgers & Bubbles brunch at The Peached Tortilla and knew I had to go. 

donut milkshakes

In addition to their regular brunch menu, The Peached Tortilla regularly hosts this special brunch featuring Instagram worthy milkshakes topped with a home-made doughnut! This special usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month, put it in your calendar now and thank me later. 

The star of the show of course is the Donut Milkshake. Every month the flavors will change, but you can bet your money that it will be tasty. This month the flavor was a Captain Crunch shake, with a Frosted Flakes rim and topped with a glazed donut. 

peached tortilla donut

During the brunch they also have a donut cart that comes around with a few different flavors. If the donut offered on the milkshake isn’t your taste, you can sub it out for another. We did this on one of our shakes, choosing the spiced blueberry glaze donut. We also had to get another one on the side because it was that good! 

After our appetizers of milkshakes and donuts, we tried some items from the regular brunch menu as well. 

peached tortilla french toast


First off, this french toast is HUGE. After the donut milkshake combo there was no chance this would get finished. Topped with miso caramel, coconut whipped cream and fresh fruit however, it was hard to stop. 

benedict peached tortilla


A house made biscuit topped with juicy brisket, poached eggs and hollandaise. They also offer a vegetarian version of this with mushrooms! 

pork buns peached tortilla


There is just something about a steamed bun that really speaks to me. Especially when it  is stuffed with Vietnamese braised pork belly, green onions, cucumber and Chinese BBQ sauce.

truffle fries peached tortilla

And of course, no meal is complete without fries! Topped with parmesan and parsley, these crispy beauties were just as delicious as they look.

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