Best New Restaurant in Austin - The Brewer's Table

Austin has had quite a few new restaurants open lately and I’ve been determined to try them all. While I haven’t been severely disappointed at any of them, I definitely have a favorite - The Brewer’s Table. I’m even going to go as far as saying, it is the best new restaurant in Austin. 

With a menu that is ever-changing I can’t promise everything I’m going to show you below will be available when you visit but I can promise you that it will be a meal you remember! Not only is the food delicious, but it is also the prettiest food I’ve ever eaten - see for yourself :) 


Thinly sliced swordfish belly wrapped around an assortment of fresh and pickled fruits and vegetables, topped with anatto oil and crumbled nori! I’m a huge fan of swordfish so when I saw this on the menu I knew I had to try it. The combination of flavors and textures was perfect. 

swordfish belly brewers table


I don’t have a description of each ingredient in this dish but it was my favorite dish of the night! Unlike a traditional artichoke dip, this one was chilled and fairly “light.” There was SO much flavor packed in this dish and it was topped with edible flowers! Each time they brought a new dish out I was in awe of how beautiful it was, this one especially. 

artichoke dip brewers table

Hearth Bread

Because who doesn’t love bread? This sourdough hearth bread is made with whole heirloom grains milled at Barton Springs Mill and served with a whole clove of roasted garlic and their house made mesquite bean butter. If you’ve never spread roasted garlic on a piece of warm bread I HIGHLY recommend it . 

hearth bread brewers table

Malt Poached Grouper 

When you visit, you might see this dish on the menu with a different type of fish. One of the things I loved about The Brewer’s Table is that I was really able to taste how fresh each ingredient was; they pride themselves in the quality of their ingredients and work with what is in season and available to them through their local partners and farms. This dish had a malt-poached grouper fillet cooked in a banana leaf and served with sticky rice, white kimchi and rye tea. There was a table side presentation of the house rye tea where they poured it over the dish right before we ate!

poached grouper brewers table

Sometimes I look at a menu and think to myself “go hard or go home.” When looking at the dessert menu, that is exactly what went through my mind, so I ordered all three desserts for us to try. 

Mini Ice Cream Cones

These adorable mini ice cream cones contain all of the core components of the brewing process and are a true take on beer-as-food. A spent grain waffle cone with chocolate grenache and yeast caramel at the bottom, filled with barley flavored ice cream and topped with hop honey and hop salt. These small cones really show the creativity and innovation of the culinary team at The Brewer’s Table.

mini ice cream brewers table

Whipped Chocolate Mousse

Classic whipped chocolate mousse layered with pearls of frozen banana and lightly sweet milk (think gourmet dippin’ dots) and topped with a dehydrated hazelnut meringue. Pro tip: use the meringue and a “chip” and create chocolate mousse nachos like I did. The meringue was a perfect vessel for transporting the mousse to my mouth. 

chocolate mousse brewers table

Summer Berries

Honestly, this was the dessert I was least excited about but it mayyyyy have actually been my favorite. A maple-ginger cake nestled in an aerated yogurt custard and topped with fresh, macerated, and re-hydrated summer berries, finished with lemon zest. This dish was so refreshing and packed with light, fruity flavors; it left me wanting more even though it was the last of 7 dishes that I ate and I was VERY full. 

summer berries brewers table

Needless to say, I will definitely be back to The Brewer’s Table and I can’t wait to see what new menu items they will have. 

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This Babe Eats was invited to dine at this restaurant in exchange for an honest review and opinion.